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Tuesday, 18 October 2016 16:00

Reaching a rational compromise on Nagorno Karabakh is possible – Ilham Aliyev

Reaching a rational compromise on Nagorno Karabakh is possible – Ilham Aliyev

“Territorial integrity of Azerbaijan is not a subject of discussion and cannot ever be. We will never accept the provision of independence to Nagorno Karabakh and the Armenian side knows it perfectly well”, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev stated it while replying to the questions of Dmitriy Kiselev representing International News Agency “Sputnik”, Caspian Energy News ( reports.

“But reaching of the rational compromise is possible: ensuring security of the population of Nagorno Karabakh, their life, self-government, implementation of different investment projects of Azerbaijan. The two nations can live in peace only if the lands beyond Nagorno Karabakh autonomous region are liberated. It is the way we see the settlement of the conflict”, President of Azerbaijan said.

“It complies with proposals which we are currently working on and put forward by intermediaries”, he emphasized.

The major reason of failing to reach the settlement has been associated with Armenia’s attempts to hinder any little progress in the negotiations for 24 years since the creation of the Minsk group.

“Our position is people must live in areas they belong to because they lived there for a long time: the Armenians lived for 200 years, the Azerbaijani population lived longer. That is not even the issue. For instance, 95% of the population living in Shusha was the Azerbaijanis. They were all banished. Their houses were either captured or destroyed. There are other people living in their houses now. We must put an end to it. The Armenian population of Nagorno Karabakh can live there the way it lived. We are not against of it. What did Armenia gain from this conflict? They made one million Azerbaijanis suffer. Did it make them happy, is it safer there now? Did they become more prosperous, of course not? There can be no development in this region without normalizing relations with Azerbaijan. They will always live under a certain pressure, thinking that something can suddenly happen. We want to establish peace in the region and our position is constructive enough, but we want our lands back. Armenia wants peace, but it does not want to give alien lands back. That is the difference”, President of Azerbaijan emphasized. 

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