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Tuesday, 07 January 2014 11:38

Global crisis passed by us owing to a policy the Azerbaijani government implemented in realization of investment projects domestically – Rashad Abbasov Featured

Global crisis passed by us owing to a policy the Azerbaijani government implemented in realization of investment projects domestically – Rashad Abbasov

First Class Journal (FCJ): Mr. Abbasov, how long has ASE Express been operating in the Azerbaijani market and who are the share holders of the company?


Rashad Abbasov, General Director, ASE Express Azerbaijan: We have started working at the market of Azerbaijan since 1994. Our company was renamed in 1994 and practically made a new start. Regarding the shareholders of the company, I would say that the main founder is a Turkish company but there are also Japanese, American and other owners. 


FCJ: What types of services does your company provide?

Rashad Abbasov: We started our business from express-transportation of urgent mails and light weight cargo. We have commenced transportation of large cargoes by air from 2002. Starting from 2007 we began transporting cargoes not only by air transport but also by railroad, sea and vehicles. We perform transportation both of transport facilities and certain cargoes depending on their tonnage.    


FCJ: How do you evaluate results of company activity over the past year? Did the global financial crisis impact your activity?

Rashad Abbasov: Global crisis passed by us owing to a policy the Azerbaijani government implemented in realization of investment projects domestically. Azerbaijan’s development has not stopped unlike other western countries. Big construction and state infrastructure projects are implemented in our country. Promotion of new projects ensured growth of work content since we mainly depend on requests for cargo transportation for the Azerbaijani market. Thus, we have sufficient amount of work as a transportation company. Azerbaijani market is developing since the demand for cargo transportation to Azerbaijan grows too.

Following the results of 2011 we witnessed growth of cargo transportation at the rate of 14-15%.


FCJ: What are the plans on perspective development of the company in the country?

Rashad Abbasov: We set the following objectives in 2012: construction of storage facilities and provision logistic services. We have already commenced construction of a storage facility with an area of 5,000 m2. Parallel to this, we plan to build another storage room with total area of 20,000m2. Finally, we plan to increase the total area of storage facilities up to 40,000 m2 and provide them to various companies for use so that to develop logistic system in Azerbaijan.


FCJ: How many employees does the company have?  How do you evaluate professionalism of Azerbaijani specialists? 

Rashad Abbasov: 31 employees work for the Azerbaijani office of ASE Express. Considering such parameters as quality, working and producing capacity we managed to bring labor productivity up to 70%. It is a good indicator.

We do not burden a new worker right after recruiting him. We invest in him: he passes trainings during 6 months and only then sets out for sale.



FCJ: Which certificates and awards did you get?

Rashad Abbasov: We received various awards.One of them is Caspian Energy Integration Award prize that we have recently got. Turkish Airlines gave us an award in which it found us to be the best agent. We also got an award for being the biggest tax payer of the country. There are also ISO, IATA (International Air Transportation Association), etc.


FCJ: Where were you born and got an education?

Rashad Abbasov: I was born in Guba in 1978. I graduated from the Nakhchivan Institute located in Baku. I majored in law and economy.


FCJ: What played a key factor for you while choosing your specialty? What could you tell about your career growth? 

Rashad Abbasov: I have started working since 1996. While studying at the institute, I worked at hotel reception. Later, I moved to this company and started working as a sales manager assistant here. Then my promotion in this company began. I was appointed head of the Baku office of the company in 2005. Besides, I am also a member of the board and one of the 5 founders of the company. I own package of shares of the company not only in Azerbaijan but also in the entire network.    


FCJ: How long do you spend your time with the family? How many children do you have and where do they get education?

Rashad Abbasov: I am married. I have to kids. The eldest son is 4.5 years old. The younger one was born less than a month ago. As you see, it is hard to spend much time with the family because of the work. But I spend weekends, holidays and a vacation with a family. 


FCJ: Which countries did you have rest in and where did you like it most?

Rashad Abbasov: I make business visits to many countries and have been to many European and CIS countries. But I would prefer to have rest in Vienna and Prague. Turkey is the place where I rest much.


FCJ: Which cuisine and dishes do you like?

Rashad Abbasov: Azerbaijani cuisine is certainly close and there can be nothing better than it. But I also have favorite dishes from Italian cookers since they work hard while making food. They make soup and serve it in a very beautiful manner.As far as healthy food is concerned,I give preference to the Asian cuisine which abounds in dishes made of sea products.


FCJ: What literature do you prefer reading?

Rashad Abbasov: Considering development of internet, book reading moved to a second plan. I preferred reading Russian literature, but it has been a while since I read last.    


FCJ: Which sports do you go in for?

Rashad Abbasov: I go for running.


FCJ: Do you like more hunting or fishing?

Rashad Abbasov: Fishing helps you to relax and get rid of tension. It is a specific type of rest. Once in a month we go out for fishing with comrades and enjoy it. I consider hunting to be one of ways for entertainment. In one word, I prefer fishing.

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