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Tuesday, 07 January 2014 11:02

«Frankfurt gas forum will promote investments into the southern gas corridor» - Anthony Livanios, CEO, Energy Stream CMG

«Frankfurt gas forum will promote investments into the southern gas corridor» - Anthony Livanios, CEO, Energy Stream CMG

“The 2012 Frankfurt Gas Forum will address only EU and the Caspian region. The purpose of the conference is to promote the Southern Gas Corridor and the strengthening of the European energy security and also to promote investments”, Anthony Livanios, CEO, Energy Stream CMG, said in the exclusive interview to Caspian Energy Investor. 


Caspian Energy Investor (CEI): Mr. Livanios, could you, please, tell about the main objectives of the first Frankfurt Gas Conference?

Anthony Livanios, CEO, Energy Stream CMG: First of all it is to promote investments in the Southern Gas Corridor and in the Caspian region, as well as in Europe. The overall investment, for the Southern Corridor both upstream and downstream is to the excess of 40 bln Euros. So, one of the reasons for organizing the 2012 Frankfurt Gas Forum is to promote investments. The second objective is to promote the strengthening of the European energy security. EU’s Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger’s energy policy aims at strengthening the European energy security by diversifying routes and resources. Gunther Oettinger is the keynote speaker of the Forum. Thirdly, it is very important to promote Azerbaijan as a credible country for supplying natural gas to Europe and to promote the rationale of the Shah Deniz consortium.  The goal of the conference is to bring all the decision-makers that are involved in the Southern Corridor, in order to facilitate agreements and promote the project.


CEI: Which other issues will be enlightened in the forum and are there any other tasks the forum will pursue?

Anthony Livanios: This is a commercial conference.  It is a conference that addresses decision makers, policy makers, government officials, European Union officials, oil-gas business leaders and business executives. Among the speakers are Mr. Reinhardt Mitchek, who is the Managing Director of Nabucco, Mr. Kjetil Tungland, the Managing Director of Trans-Adriatic Pipeline, Mr. Elshad Nasirov, Vice President of SOCAR and Dr. Wolfgang Peters, the Head of Caspian RWE Supply and Trading. Our goal is to have decision makers from the governments, the European Union, and decision makers from the oil-gas industry in order to facilitate agreements.


CEI: Is the forum going to address only gas supply issues, energy security, supply from the Caspian region or address other regions as well?

Anthony Livanios: The 2012 Frankfurt Gas Forum will address only EU and the Caspian region. The purpose of the conference is to promote the Southern Gas Corridor and the strengthening of the European energy security and also to promote investments. So it emphasizes both on energy security and on economic development. The proceedings of the Forum are devoted to the Southern Gas Corridor and to Shah Deniz Consortium’s upcoming Final Investment Decision. This is what makes our Forum unique, which we organize it in the city in Frankfurt am Main, the financial capital of Germany and the Eurozone.


CEI: Could you please provide broad information about your organization?

Anthony Livanios: We are a consulting firm. So our core business is to do consulting work. We are international political economists with oil and gas expertise.  We promote gas pipeline development, we advise oil and gas companies on geopolitical risk, we are involved in negotiations for gas pipelines, we facilitate and we do consulting work on intergovernmental agreements. We are a consultancy on oil-gas issues only, with a specialization in the Caspian region, the Southern gas Corridor and Azerbaijan. We are focusing mostly on natural gas. The majority of our work over the last decade has focused on Central Asia and Caspian region.

Being a consultancy we are also selectively organize few conferences in order to provide the opportunity to the decision makers from the governments and from the oil-gas companies to facilitate agreements on vital issues and to promote oil and gas infrastructure investments. Being a consulting firm, we have a better know-how of the issues and what needs to be addressed. We have a direct access to the network of oil-gas business leaders that has been build over the last two decades from a number of upstream and midstream advisory projects. This is the core of our work, this is what we do at Energy Stream and being in Germany it gives us the opportunity to operate in the largest gas market of Europe.


CEI: Do you plan to hold this conference on a yearly basis?

Anthony Livanios: Yes. The Frankfurt Gas Forum will be an annual conference.  We will announce at the end of this year’s Forum the 2013 date for the second annual gas forum. We are planning to promote the city of Frankfurt am Main as a meeting point for gas business leaders and as a thought-leadership center for natural gas issues. Frankfurt is the place that people from all over the world visit because it is at the center in Europe, it is the second largest metropolitan region in Germany, and one of the wealthiest and most developed cities in the world.


CEI: Would you like to add something on the list of speakers?

Anthony Livanios: I would like to highlight that EU Energy Commissioner Mr. Günther Oettinger will be a keynote and EU’s Ambassador to Azerbaijan Mr. Roland Kobia has been very helpful to promote the conference and he himself will fly to Frankfurt and will be also a speaker. And of course Mr. Elshad Nassirov, the Vice President of SOCAR, will participate as a speaker and knows our Energy Stream company for many years. We will provide the opportunity to SOCAR to address the most influential audience in Germany.


CEI: Which regions and spheres are you engaged in, in addition to what you have mentioned?

Anthony Livanios: As a company we have delivered oil and gas advisory projects in more than 50 countries, in the Caspian region, the European Union, the United States, the Persian Gulf, and in Eastern Mediterranean. Our focus is on oil gas infrastructure, midstream and upstream. This is where we specialize and this is where our consultants right now operate in.


CEI: How do you evaluate the activity of CEIBC?

Anthony Livanios: I think you have done a great work over the last years. When we met 3 years ago during my participation in one of the conferences held here in Baku, I have seen your progress since then. You are adding value to the market by providing a platform of credible information that allows all of us to really look at your publications and receive very important information. So, I believe that you do a very essential work and keep doing for all of us who are involved in the oil-gas industry. Definitely you add value to credible information needed for the oil and gas market.


CEI: You might have seen our online publications. Which of them did you like mostly?

Anthony Livanios: Every time I look at not only your online publications and also on your published journals. I keep many of your published journals in my office in Frankfurt. I like the one that highlighted at a special report the contract of the century and Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline. You presented objectively all the challenges that National Leader of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev faced while bringing BTC to reality. Finally, I like your timing on addressing critical issues.


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