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Tuesday, 07 January 2014 10:57

The global crisis has not impacted our activity - Ramil Aliyev

The global crisis has not impacted our activity - Ramil Aliyev

First Class Journal (FCJ): Mr. Aliyev, how long has EKOL Engineering Services CJSC been operating in the Azerbaijani market and who are the share holders of the company?


Ramil Aliyev, Director, EKOL Engineering Services CJSC: EKOL Engineering Services CJSC was established on March 1, 2006 after signing of the agreement between SOCAR (51%) and foreign company Lanser Services S.A  (49%). The company was registered as a legal entity on 17.04.2006.


FCJ: What kind of services does your company provide?

Ramil AliyevThe main goal of EKOL is to minimize the impact of the oil industry on the ecology of the republic. The company is engaged in treatment of waste waters, utilization of oil-slime which accumulated over the past decades, reclamation of soils polluted with oil, development of ecologically-normative-technical documentation (MPD, MAD, ecological passport, EIA, etc) as well as ecological survey. We provide services both to local and foreign companies.

The company possesses independent accredited laboratory equipped with advanced technology for conducting ecological research work, mechanisms and motor transport for performance of the abovementioned service operations. Thus, we are mainly engaged in implementation of ecological projects.

Ecological monitoring includes environmental impact assessment.

We also work out nature management models and ecological testing. We prepare projects on ecological recovery of lands polluted with wastes and degraded as the result of man’s impact.

Development of projects on regional monitoring for use of alternative energy sources is one of the perspective activity lines.

In short, we offer all types of services regulated by the current legislation as well as technologies, examination and monitoring of projects.

We perform purification of industrial polluted and formation waters (cleaning of waters containing free oil products, mechanical impurities and in some cases up to 10,000 mg/l of oil products). For this purpose we apply cleaning plants with the capacity of 2600 cubic meters per hour and Facet plant with the capacity of 1200 cubic meters per hour.

Operation of oil fields, flow of oil and formation waters lead to technogenic pollution of soils, crop yield of land, full degradation of a landscape and environmental impact. The surface of the land and its green cover is getting destroyed mechanically. A soil, air and water are undergone to pollution. In this regard, our company performs reclamation of lands and restoration of soils at polluted areas.

Reclamation work is carried out by several stages. Physical reclamation comes first: cleaning of topsoil from black oil, conduction of works on lime spraying, partial replacement of soils with high rate pollution.

Further we conduct chemical reclamation: washing of soil with high quality adsorbents and fertilization with minerals and organic fertilizers.

The following stage is a biological remediation which envisages planting of perennial grass plants.

In conclusion we carry out bio-technological reclamation by using microorganisms degrading oil.

Technology on cleaning of drilling mud by bio-remediation is one of the important services provided by our company. Bio-remediation includes technologies applied for cleaning drilling mud from pollution. Bio-remediation is based on ability of microorganisms to destroy hydrocarbons by turning them into water and CO2.

We also perform cleaning of paraffin which accumulates on walls of oil pipelines as well as water and mechanical admixtures which accumulate in the plant for paraffin cleaning with the capacity of 17 tons per cycle. 



In order to utilize oil sludge we separate them into solid and liquid phases by means of Alfa Laval decanting plant.

As I have mentioned above, the company has a laboratory where we render services on physical-chemical testing of water, heavy metals, particle-size analysis of bottom sediments, analysis of biogenic substances, metals and mercury rate in water and bottom sediments.

We also develop ecological normative-technical documentation: ecological certificate, project of guidelines on maximally permitted emission of poisonous substances into the atmosphere; water industry passport on maximally permissible flow of substances which fall into water facilities with waste waters; stock-taking of sources on emission of hazardous substances into the atmosphere.


FCJ: In which projects is company involved in?

Ramil AliyevWe are currently involved inBaku White City project where we carry out work on cleaning of territory from soils polluted with oil.


FCJ: How do you evaluate the results of activity in 2011? Did the global financial crisis impact your activity?

Ramil AliyevThe global crisis has not impacted our activity.The volume of work has considerably grown up after 2010 was announced the year of ecology. We are engaged almost in all the fields of SOCAR where we perform necessary operations on purification and planting of greenery. Noteworthy are completed operations on purification and planting of greenery in Bibi-Heybat.

As to the results of the past year, in 2011 EKOL Engineering Services implemented a number of important ecological projects in accordance with the working schedule of SOCAR for improving ecological situation on fields of OGPD. These projects were implemented successfully by CJSC’s Department for land reclamation.

Last year the department performed reclamation at an area comprising 24 ha around Gala Lake. A total of 120.4 thousand cubic meters of oil sludge was taken from this area. The department for land reclamation also performed cleaning operations at Sagan oil-gathering point of this OGPD. A total of 120.4 thousand tons of oil sludge was taken from the area.    

One of the projects implemented by the department in 2011 was large-scale operations on reclamation of Buzovna and Mashtagha areas of Z.Taghiyev OGPD. An area comprising 124 ha was cleaned during the implementation of the project at Buzovna field. A total of 70.7 cubic meters of land was brought to Mashtagha area last year. As the result, a territory covering 8 ha was cleaned.

The department also implemented a project at Balakhany-oil OGPD. 50,000 cubic meters of sludge was taken from the area #4 of OGPD. Over 52,000 cubic meters of land was brought here. 3,000 cubic meters of smalls was spread over the area comprising 10.5 ha. An area comprising 12.5 ha was cleaned at the 7th area of OGPD. A total of 160.2 thousand cubic meters of land was brought to the area.

16.2 ha of land was cleaned last year as the result of cleaning operations performed by the department at Azneft PU’s Garachuhur area. A total of 415.9 thousand cubic meters of land and 82.3 thousand cubic meters of smalls were brought to the area. According to the working plan of the Baku White City project, up to 732 thousand cubic meters of soil polluted with oil was taken out of the area.

As the result of operations performed in 2011, 52,000 cubic meters of oil sludge was taken out of industrial areas of Absheronoil, Balakhanyoil OGPDs, A.Amirov OGPD. 17 ha of land were cultivated by means of bio-remediation.

A total of 1400 trees were planted at the area of SOCAR’s gas processing plant last season. 1762 trees were planted at Gala area of Z.Taghiyev OGPD. 1000 trees were planted at Absheronoil OGPD.


FCJ: What importance does the company attach to labor safety issues?

Ramil AliyevWe have a special department engaged in this sphere and headed by the Deputy Director of the Enterprise. Operations performed at the enterprise meet the toughest international requirements and conform to ISO-18001 standard which will be given to the company in May of this year.


FCJ: What are the plans on perspective development of the enterprise? Do you conduct business beyond the country?

Ramil AliyevWe were only engaged in cleaning of industrial waste waters at Heydar Aliyev oil refinery in 2006 when our enterprise was established. Today our activity has noticeably increased.  We introduce new services at the expense of introduction of the most advanced technologies from various countries. Our enterprise use advanced technologies which belong to tens of the most well-known companies engaged in this sphere. We will continue working in this direction in future.

We have established relations with over 50 foreign companies. Partner relations have been established with some of them. With other companies we only establish relations for further joint operations. I.e. only agreements on intent have been signed so far.

Among foreign projects I would like to note an agreement on intent with Uzbekneft Company for conduction of ecological operations in Uzbekistan.

We attach big attention to establishment of foreign relations for reception of advanced technologies. For this purpose, we have recently visited enterprises of Holland, Belgium and Italy. We have recently commissioned an Italian plant on neutralization of oil sludge.



FCJ: How do you evaluate professionalism of Azerbaijani specialists?

Ramil Aliyev:  The Company employs high skilled technicians and engineers, who have big experience in cleaning of water, reclamation of soils, utilization of oil containing wastes as well as conduction of ecology related research works.

Our specialists are not behind of their foreign counterparts in professionalism. Thus, I highly appreciate professionalism of local specialists who develop their competence by participating in various trainings and carry out their work in accordance with the latest standards of ISO.

Regarding the development of our enterprise, I would like to note that if the number of our employees totaled only 160 employees in 2006 their present quantity exceeds 500 people.



FCJ: Which certificates and awards did you gain?

Ramil AliyevInstitute ofStandards of Turkeygave us TS EN ISO 14001:2004 certificatefor performing ecological activities in accordance with international standards.

We have a laboratory which passed a state registration. We carry out work in accordance with the license provided by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources since we work with hazardous wastes.

Besides, we received various awards “company of the years” from different companies, organizations and magazines in different years.



FCJ: Where were you born and gained education?

Ramil AliyevI was born in the intelligent family in 1980. I am married and have to sons. I graduated from the Nakhchievan State University and Azerbaijani State Oil Academy.


FCJ: What could you tell about your career growth? 

Ramil AliyevI worked for state bodies after graduating from the university:customs committee and tax inspection. I have started working forEKOL Engineering Services on various positions since 2006. I was appointed company’s director in 2010.


FCJ: How much time do you spend with your family? Where do your children get education?

Ramil AliyevMy eldest is on his first form. In spite of his work load I try to spend much time with my family.


FCJ: In which countries did you rest, and where did you like it most?

Ramil AliyevI visited almost all leading countries of the world during my business trips. But in the meantime, there is not time for getting rest because of short-term trips, flights, business meetings. Therefore, I enjoyed getting rest only in Turkey as well as in our beautiful areas as Ismayilli, Nabran, etc.


FCJ: Which cuisines do you prefer? What are your favorite dishes?

Ramil AliyevI prefer an Azeri cuisine with its kebab, fried fish, etc. I find some Turkish cuisine dishes similar to ours.


FCJ: What literature do you prefer? Which book do you read?

Ramil AliyevI am a member of the Yeni Azerbaijan party and actively involved in public-political life of the country. In this regard, I mainly read books related to this sphere. I have a high interest toward reading scientific literature concerning professional activity. In conclusion, I read books of world literature classicists.   


FCJ: What do you do in your free time?

Ramil AliyevI like playing chess and go for swimming.

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