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Tuesday, 07 January 2014 10:54

“Azerbaijan is an attractive country for investing into the sphere of construction”, Hasan Yalchynkaya, general director of “Norm” LLC

“Azerbaijan is an attractive country for investing into the sphere of construction”, Hasan Yalchynkaya, general director of “Norm” LLC

First Class Journal (FCJ): Mr Yalchynkaya, would you tell us about activity of the company you lead?


Hasan Yalchyngaya, General Director, Norm LLC: Norm company was founded in 2006 as a company with limited liability. A decision was made in 2007 to construct modern cement plant “Gyzyldash Cement” followed by determination of technical specifications of the new plant in Garadagh. On March 1, 2011 “Norm” company signed a construction and turn-key delivery agreement of “Gyzyldash Cement” plant with the consortium of Chinese CTIEC (China Triumph International Engineering Co, Ltd.) company and Japanese Mitsubishi corporation and.

Corresponding infrastructure has started to be erected in accordance with the agreement. It is planned to be launched in September 2013.


FCJ:  How powerful will the factory be?

HasanYalchyngayaПроизводственная мощность завода по выпуску клинкера будет достигать 1,6 млн. тонн в год, по цементу - 2 млн. тонн в год. Production capacity of the factory will reach 1.5 million ton/year on clinker production and 2 million ton/year in cement production.


FCJ: How would negative tendencies, observed in Euro zone, affect the business?

Hasan Yalchyngaya: Azerbaijan is an attractive country for construction investments. Azerbaijan was not affected by the crisis in Euro zone. Correspondingly we don’t observe any tendencies that might affect our work in the country.


FCJ: What services does the company render in the market?

Hasan Yalchyngaya: No other production is considered besides cement and clinker.


FCJ: To what extend are your products competitive and meet the international quality standards?

Hasan Yalchyngaya: Our factory will guarantee production of the highest quality cement and that will be our privilege over the other cement producers. The equipment used for the project has been purchased from leading German and European producers. That will provide high quality production, safe and effective exploitation, will decrease energy consuming, will follow European and world ecological norms.

Correspondingly, cement to be produce in accordance with international standards via energy saving process, will allow us controlling production cost and to set competitive prices for the most qualitative sorts of cement.

Taking into consideration that cement, imported from neighbouring countries, will cost more expensive due to customs cost I suppose that we’ll be able to insert the new brand in the same line with famous imported brands.


FCJ: What tasks do you determine while holding market research in Azerbaijan?

Hasan Yalchyngaya: Today we suppose that the market of Azerbaijan is more attractive since there is unsatisfied demand in it. At the same time we plan to issue high quality grouting cement used in oil sector that possibly be demanded in neighbouring countries. However cement grout, which should correspond to API standards (American Petroleum Institute), is used in drilling and exploitation of deep-water wells. This cement brand has not been produced in the region yet and is imported from Europe. Correspondingly, high quality cement, produced in Azerbaijan, will be quite competitive in the region.


FCJ: How was the personnel chosen and how do you evaluate professionalism of the experts of Azerbaijan?

Hasan Yalchyngaya: While erecting the cement factory we have to attract foreign specialists since only one cement factory in Azerbaijan trained personnel for its own needs. Our aim is to promote training of young Azerbaijani engineers who will replace foreign specialists in future.


FCJ: How many employees will be working in the factory when launching the projected capacity?

Hasan Yalchyngaya: About 500 people will be working including pit workers. Over 80% of them will be local personnel.


FCJ: Could you please tell something about yourself?

Hasan Yalchyngaya: I was born in Kojaeli city, Turkey in 1966 and got high education in Istanbul Technological University.

I have been working in cement industry since 1995. In 1997-2000 have been working in Lafarge company, France. When back to Turkey I worked in cement factory in Ankara city belonging to Portuguese Chimpor. I worked as the head of the project on plant construction and then the general director of cement factory in Turkey. Now I am in the position of general director of Norm company in Azerbaijan. 


FCJ: What is you impression of Baku and the country in general? What similarities and differences do you find in Azerbaijan compared to your country? Which regions of Azerbaijan have you visited?

Hasan Yalchyngaya: I feel at home in Azerbaijan. Baku is a very beautiful city, rich with historical and cultural values. I have been staying in Azerbaijan not so long and have just started to work in this position but I already visited Siyazan, Shamakhy and Gobustan.


FCJ: What cuisine do you prefer? What do you think about the cuisine of Azerbaijan?

Hasan Yalchyngaya: The cuisine of Azerbaijan is very rich and close to Turkish cuisine. I prefer kebab, lule-kebab, dolma of vine leafs and fish dishes the preparation of which differs little from Turkish dishes.


FCJ: How hard is it to work abroad and how do you bare to stay far from your relatives?

Hasan Yalchyngaya: I have two children. My daughter is 11 years old, my son is 7. In Turkey my children visit French school. We have not found similar in Azerbaijan. That is why they had to stay in Turkey. That is more difficult for me. I lived in France for 5 years before and cultural differences caused difficulties for me. Cultural difference with Azerbaijan is not considerable and it was easier for me to get used to local life condition. Here I have found a common language with my employees and friends. So I am quite comfortable in Baku.


FCJ: What do you do in leisure time?

Hasan Yalchyngaya: I love to read books. I often read news portals in the Internet. Surely when my family is in Azerbaijan I prefer to spend my time with my family. We walk in the city, visit different places and events.


FCJ: What countries have you visited with your family?

Hasan YalchyngayaWe lived in France and visited most of European countries.


FCJ: Where did you like to rest the best?

Hasan Yalchyngaya: Best of all I like to rest in my country-house in Ayvalyk on the shore of Aegean sea.

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