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Tuesday, 07 January 2014 10:52

Industry on production of plasticware and polymer products designed for construction is developing actively – Mahir Huseynov

Industry on production of plasticware and polymer products designed for construction is developing actively – Mahir Huseynov

First Class Journal (FCJ): Mr. Huseynov, how long has NJT 2000 Company been engaged in the Azerbaijani market? Who are the share holders of the company?


Mahir Huseynov, Director, NJT 2000: NJT 2000 has been operating since 2000. Turkish Holding R-Plast which accounts for 100% of foreign investments is the founder of the company.


FCJ: Which types of products are manufactured at the plant of NJT 2000?

Mahir Huseynov:  First of all, I would like to note that NJT-2000 produces pipes by using super advanced German technology.

Nowadays, we produce pressure water pipes (from 20 up to 1000 mm), sewerage pipes ( from 50 up to 500mm), drain pipes (from 150 up to 500mm), polypropylene pipes for cold and hot water supply ( from 20 up to 63 mm), and gas pipelines from 20mm up to a meter. Unlike other plants, we provide not only pipes but also fittings designed for pipe junctions. All of this relates directly to construction.  

Apart from this, we have established production of plastic packaging. In particular, we produce packaging for storing agricultural products, single use dishes for dairy products as well as different dishes for kitchen.

It is brief information about the assortment of manufactured products.


FCJ: In which projects implemented in the country are the products of the plant use?

Mahir Huseynov: Basically, our products were used in the project of gasification of the country. As it is known to you, large-scale work is carried out in our country for the development of regions. Operations on gasification, improvement of water supply and sewerage system of regions have been commenced. Accordingly, water and sewerage pipes manufactured by our company were used within the frames of the mentioned projects that were implemented in the regions. Apart from this, our drainage pipes are used for irrigation of agricultural lands.


FCJ: How would you assess the outcomes of 2011 for the company?

Mahir Huseynov: Our capacity totaled about 200 tons of products per month when we started our business. Today we produce 2000 tons of products. We will produce 3000 tons of products by the beginning of March.  We have 23 high tech extrusion lines and 10 injection machines at the plant.


FCJ: What importance does the company attach to the increase of assortment of products?

Mahir Huseynov: When a new project is under implementation we do everything for production of necessary products: new press tools and equipment. We constantly enlarge the assortment since we can not supply the same products for new projects in stead of those that are requested by a customer.

This sphere is developing very quickly. New technologies come and for this reason we have to develop manufacturing of products that are requested.


FCJ: Are there plans on business development in future? Do you carry out business beyond the country?

Mahir Huseynov: Our products are in demand in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia’s regions which border with our republic and Georgia. Regarding the production expansion, I would like to note that 3000 tons of products manufactured by our company are not a limit since the sector is developing rapidly. In order to renew products we participate almost in all exhibitions concerning new technologies and modern equipment designed for production of plastic products. Of course we make all efforts in order to bring and introduce all new achievements in this field. I would like to note that we are the pioneers of this production in Azerbaijan.



FCJ: How do you carry out marketing survey? May the crisis in Euro zone impact negatively on your projects for business expansion in the region?

Mahir Huseynov: There is a department of marketing and sales which has specialists working for it in our company. Our employees study not only the domestic market but also the foreign one. They are high class professionals who are competent both in marketing and in production.

Crisis has somehow impacted negatively on prices for raw materials that we purchase abroad. Raw materials designed for polyethylene but pipes are produced inside of the country. Certain price difference arose because we bring raw materials from Europe, South Korea and Russia. The matter did not concern price increase or decline for raw materials. We simply revealed new prices when the time for signing new contracts came. It all happened in chaotic manner and caused necessity for making new calculations on projects that were under consideration as well as on manufacturing of products.



FCJ: How many employees work for the enterprise? How would you assess professionalism of Azerbaijani specialists?

Mahir Huseynov: Nowadays, 225 people are engaged in production. A total number of people who are currently involved in our production exceeds 1000 people.

Professionalism of our employees is high enough. It is noteworthy that we were the first to bring these technologies to Azerbaijan and establish production. Therefore, I assume that the best professionals of this sphere work for our company. Of course production of the similar pipes has also been established at other plants. However, they often apply to our employees for advice.  


FCJ: Which certificates and awards did you gain?

Mahir Huseynov: All products have certificates conforming to AZS standards. I should note that we have also received certificates from the Ministry of Healthcare for water supply to the population. 

I have noted that we participate in all the exhibitions concerning our products and we always returned with different diplomas. We gained our biggest award in 2010 when the contest of quality goods was held within CIS where we took the first position. This prize was awarded in Moscow.

Speaking about other awards, we become winners of various contests (in the “products quality” category) held in the country each year.


FCJ: Where were you born and get education?

Mahir Huseynov: I was born in the city of Saatli where I finished a secondary school. I graduated from the Architectural-Construction University in Azerbaijan and majored in construction engineering. I am a construction engineer.


FCJ: What played a key role for you while choosing a profession? What could you tell about your career growth?

Mahir Huseynov: I liked specific subjects at school such as algebra, geometry. At first I decided to major in technical sphere but not in humanitarian. I worked for construction companies, construction trust after graduation. Later, I worked for Komsomol during the Soviet period as well as for a party. I started working for the company in 2000 when a private sector began operating in the country. I was appointed its director in 2000.


FCJ: How long do you spend your time within family? How many children do you have and where do they study?

Mahir Huseynov: I have two children. My eldest daughter goes to the 9th class. The boy is on his second grade. To speak frankly, there is not much time left for spending it with a family. Production takes much time and it is very hard to complete it when you come to work.


FCJ: In which countries did you have rest, and where did you like it most?

Mahir Huseynov: I would say that I mostly like getting rest in post soviet countries, especially in Russia (Moscow). Though, we have to make more business trips to Turkey and European countries.  


FCJ: Is there any funny event that happened in your life?

Mahir Huseynov: Components of water supply and sewerage system of my house have once broken down. I went to a nearest construction market for acquiring pipes and fittings. A seller showed me various construction materials brought from various countries and produced domestically. He started persuading me to purchase pipes and fittings produced in Germany. He asserted that European goods which we bring from Germany are qualitative and their clients always remained satisfied with these products. In the meantime, the name of NJT 2000 was clearly marked on goods offered by a seller. I mean that I was offered products of our company and the seller was trying to convince me that they were produced in Germany and brought by them. 


FCJ: Which cuisines do you prefer? What are your favorite dishes?

Mahir Huseynov: Of course I like Azerbaijani cuisine. Among Azerbaijani dishes I like “yarpag dolmasi” ( a dish cooked out of grinded meat and wrapped with grape leaves.


FCJ: What literature do you prefer reading and which book lies on your table?

Mahir Huseynov: I like reading and find Azerbaijani literature very rich. Here is the book that made a deep impression on me. It is the novel of Anatoly Ribakov “Arbat’s children”.


FCJ: What kinds of sports do you like?

Mahir Huseynov: I went for free-style wrestling in my childhood and even gained a first rank on this type of sport. Now I like watching tennis.


FCJ: What do you do on your free time?

Mahir Huseynov: I adore fishing. You get free from everything when you do fishing. You forget about everything when you keep an eye on fishing rod.  One feels some sort of release from useless thoughts and anxiety.

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