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Tuesday, 07 January 2014 10:50

We are growing together with our country, feeling the rhyme of progressive advance – Muratkhan Tokmadi

We are growing together with our country, feeling the rhyme of progressive advance – Muratkhan Tokmadi

First Class Journal (FCJ): Mr. Tokmadi, how long has your Company been working in the market of Kazakhstan? Which services does it offer?


Muratkhan Tokmadi: Our Company was established in 2004 and manufactures almost all kinds of glass goods for construction and special purposes, using innovative technologies and applying high-quality glass from world’s leading brands such as Guardian (USA), AGC (Japan), Saint-Gobain (France) etc. This is glass of different colours and physical features, including multifunctional ones, with the thickness of 4-19mm. Our insulating glass units are always energy efficient.


FCJ: How would you evaluate the results of the 2011 year for your Company? Could you please share your plans for the 2012 year?

Muratkhan Tokmadi: The 2011 year results are very good. We finished the year with a 47-percent growth. Our goals for 2012 are the construction and commissioning of glass processing plants, one in Astana, our capital, and another in Aktobe to cover the western region of Kazakhstan.

Our seven-year experience and continuous studies of the market let us foresee trends of the glass industry development, set exact and real goals and provide their systematic achievement according to our long-term business development strategy. The committed efforts to achieve goals are based on the system business strategy aimed at keeping our business and financial independence.


FCJ: What underlies the activities of KazStroySteklo?

Muratkhan Tokmadi: Today the life and the time set difficult challenges before us. Accepting them, we raise the most important question for solution of these tasks: “How do we intend to achieve success in this field of business?”. The right answer to this question will help us define a direction of our actions, a basis that must underlie our motto “Created for life!”. Our Company supports a synthesis of traditions and modernity. The motivation and commitment to common goals should be closely connected with the level of information awareness and individual responsibility of employees.

Our common objective is the maximum use of KazStroySteklo’s rich potential in the production activity to boost a rapid progress and long-term competitiveness of KazStroySteklo Company. 

The understanding of the corporate culture and the followed motto “Created for life!” encloses our vision of the future of the Company and the key principles of our business as well as our possibilities and tools we have and want to use for development of our future successes.


FCJ: What are your values and key competencies?

Muratkhan Tokmadi: We create values and follow them. As the leading Kazakhstan company in the field of industrial processing of glass, we are aimed at intensive development and integration. Relying on innovative and effective solutions, we promote improvement of the quality of people’s life. To achieve this purpose, we rely on our high professionalism in glass processing products.

We aspire to steady success and winning leading positions in the market for everything we manufacture. Independence of ideas and creativity of thinking allow us working, being guided by the long-term prospects. Following our business traditions, we take public and ecological responsibility in all fields of our business activity.

For our clients we are attractive because of our innovative and creative potential, reliability and quality of our products and services. Our structure and processes are simple, effective and correspond to the requirements of modern business.

Our employees are united by solidarity. We do live and work according to KazStroySteklo’s principles and values.

We see our tasks as a challenge, courageously do our job and take pride in working for KazStroySteklo Company.

Requirements of our client and the quality are most important for us. Innovations in business today are a success tomorrow.


FCJ: What is the main mission of the Company?

Muratkhan Tokmadi: Our vision, mission, values and key competences are the things that help forward, show directions to follow, temper and strengthen us. To embody them, we should improve and change. We need a system approach to accurately show us in what things we should change and how well we do our improvements and structural changes in practice.

The vision is the ideal of company’s future. It shows the way to KazStroySteklo's purposeful sustainable development.

The mission brings us to a stable economic growth and growing profit, and defines a direction for our daily activity.

Our values are our style of behavior and management to the every minute action. We are the company that is doing the accepted values a norm of life more and more. This, in turn, encourages our employees to raise the efficiency of work that improves the financial performance of our Company.

The corporate and social responsibility is the built up structure of our Company, implying that the organization understands and satisfies expectations of all concerned parties: government structures, regulating organizations, clients, partners, employees, and shareholders. The Company is following the principle of openness and social responsibility before the society.

We consider and actively implement various social initiatives. Being committed to reducing risks, we are searching possibilities for mutually advantageous relations with the society, supporting and raising the level of trust to us, understanding the influence on both current and future situation in the society.

Besides, the cooperation between the Company and society find reflection in our treatment of employees; in supporting educational and scientific institutions that prepare personnel, in regulation of influence of company’s activity on the environment and relations with local communities.

KazStroySteklo LLP sees its key social role in the development of business and promoting the growth of the Kazakhstan economy. Through development and promotion of energy efficient and safe products, the Company is contributing to the development of innovative economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


FCJ: What countries of the region do you offer services in?

Muratkhan Tokmadi: Our products are present mainly in all regions of Kazakhstan. We supply our products to Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.


FCJ: How do you perform marketing surveys to study market demands?

Muratkhan Tokmadi: We have our own marketing surveys department, which continuously performs monitoring of the glass products market. We cooperate with statistical agencies of the CIS member states, and different profile organizations. Since our sales department is highly oriented at clients, we can timely take quick solutions and thus quickly respond to market demands.


FCJ: Which certificates and awards did the company get for its activities?

Muratkhan Tokmadi: The Company has undergone the certification ISO 9001:2008, Quality Management Systems. For innovative solutions on November 20, 2008 KazStroySteklo Company received the award of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan “For achievements in the field of quality” in the nomination “The best production enterprise” in the Altyn Sapa Contest. Having highly appreciated the urgency and uniqueness of manufactured products, Head of State Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev charged to include our production in the category of “breakthrough ones”.

My personal awards: the Astana 10 years medal, Atameken medal, Baurjan Momysh-uly award for a strong contribution to the development of independent Kazakhstan.


FCJ: How many people does your Company employ? How do you choose your employees? How would you evaluate the professionalism of Kazakh specialists in general?

Muratkhan Tokmadi: Our Company employs 70 people. In selecting employees we are guided by the assessment of their qualities: diligence, commitment to job, moral principles and certainly professionalism. We give great attention to such quality as a desire to study, raise qualification and grow. After all, we are growing! And we need people that wish to develop together with the company. Kazakhstan specialists do not suffice, so we invite Russian and European specialists to work for us. For our employees we regularly arrange workshops and meetings, exchange of opinions, and brain storms that help us concentrate on solution of separate difficult challenges.


FCJ: Where were you born and got education?

Muratkhan Tokmadi: I was born in Ayaguz region, Semipalatinsk oblast of Kazakhstan. I graduated from the Almaty Institute of Architecture and Civil Construction as a civil engineer. Then I continued my education in the Almaty State University as a lawyer and in 2005 I graduated from the International Business Academy, MBA on Corporate Management.


FCJ: Could you please tell about your carrier development?

Muratkhan Tokmadi: My general labour experience is 30 years. I started working in the housing and utilities administration already in the soviet years. Rather quickly I became a deputy director of the housing and communal services department of the Almaty City Executive Committee. In 1993 my friends called me to business: I became a vice-president of Rakhat, the Kazakhstan-Austrian joint venture. I took part in the construction of the first five-star hotel in Kazakhstan, Rakhat Palace. Then for many years I was working as one of managing directors of this project.

In 2003 I established the own company, KazStroySteklo. It was the first in Kazakhstan industrial glass processing plant. For the first time the production of safe glass and energy saving double-glazed windows with the capacity of 300,000 m2 was set up in the country, while earlier its import made 100%. 150 workplaces were created, and the Kazakh content in manufacture of products was brought to 58-95%. It is a very important indicator for the country which till a certain moment used to live only on import on all positions, except raw materials export. Further there was a problem of state regulation of standards in the field of safe construction and energy saving. We became active participants of this process, since it was a vital process for us. We set up a branch non-profit organization which dealt with the issues of cooperation with the Government of Kazakhstan. This organization now grew and in 2011 was transformed into the National Association of Energy Saving and Energy Efficient Technologies, now incorporating such organizations as KazAtomProm and other giants of the Kazakhstan industry. I was elected a Chairman of the Board of this organization.

By now we have done upgrading of the plant in Almaty (the second turn) and accomplished engineering of a new plant in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. The commissioning is scheduled for late August 2012.

In early February 2012 we started our new project: in Germany we signed a contract with German partners for construction of a pilot float glass plant in the country and a quartz sands enrichment plant.

We are included in country-wide industrialization programs and take advantage of a real support of our projects by the Head of State. These are very important things for us. We do our best to be ahead and among those who are doing the future of our country happy and prosperous.


FCJ: Do you have enough spare time for your family? How many children do you have?

Muratkhan Tokmadi: I am a father of the large family. I have five children – two sons and three pretty daughters. I love them very much, but like all modern very busy people I cannot give them enough time, despite my desire. I leave home early and come in the evening when they already go to bed! But on days off all my time is only for them. In winter we go to Shymbulak to ski, in summer - to Kapchagay. On vacations we go somewhere with the whole family. This is my strong belief that the main thing in education is not the quantity of time spent together, but a personal example of a worthy person and Citizen.


FCJ: What kind of music do you like?

Muratkhan Tokmadi: Music, singing is my key hobby! I have sung since the school years when me and my friends created a band in a boarding school and acted on all holidays. I do not know notes, but play guitar. Now I study playing dombra. My repertoire includes more than 1,000 songs of popular Soviet and modern bands and singers. My favourite ones are Mashina Vremeni (Time machine), Voskreseniye, Vladimir Kuzmin, Philip Kirkorov, Grigory Leps, Valery Meladze. All our friends and relatives know this my hobby and on all holidays ask me to sing, so I take discs in advance like a professional singer! (laughs)


FCJ: Where do you prefer to have a rest? What countries outside Kazakhstan did you have a rest in? Where did you like most of all?

Muratkhan Tokmadi: We had a rest in many countries, but most frequently we go to Dubai. It is close, you do not have problems with visa. There is a good climate and the high level of service. On the last winter vacations we took younger children to Lapland. This is indeed a fairy tale and even we, adults, were impressed!


FCJ: The cuisine of which countries is closer to you? What are your favourite meals?

Muratkhan Tokmadi: I follow the healthy way of life and prefer correct eating. I like seafood, Japanese, Chinese and Korean cuisines. But I cannot refuse from my favourite beshbarmak, but only once a week!


FCJ: What do you prefer doing in your free time?

Muratkhan Tokmadi: As I already said I try to spend my free time with the family and every day at least one hour go for sports. In the past I am a professional athlete - the master of sports on boxing and, probably, it is already necessity to do physical exercises every day. And here I am “omnivorous”. It can be skis, swimming, exercise machines, and a mountain bicycle. Recently I also began playing big tennis. In general, the main thing is moving, since moving is life!

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