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Tuesday, 07 January 2014 10:47

We specialize in production of unique equipment - Pavel Beklemishev

First Class Journal (FCJ): Mr. Beklemishev, how many years has the company been operating in the market of Kazakhstan?


Pavel Beklemishev, General Director, JSC JV Byelkamit: A decision on construction of the Hydromash plant in Almaty for production of combat subwater missiles (Shkval and Eagle) was made in 1972. The joint Kazakh-American-Italian enterprise BYELKAMIT was established on the base of Hydromash Machine Building plant in 1995 within the framework inter-governmental Kazakhstani-American program Joint reduction of threat. Since then the plant has switched to manufacturing of non combatant products.

First consignment of new products was manufactured in 1996: cryogenic capacities for storage of liquefied gases (argon, nitrogen and oxygen). Over 300 units of such capacities were exported to West Europe. In 1996 Byelkamit received an international certificate ASME for projection and designing of vessels working under pressure with U and U2 stamps put on them. JSC JV Byelkamit was the first in Kazakhstan to receive a certificate of compliance with quality management system (ISO 9001:1994 standard) given by  international agency BVQI.



FCJ: How do You assess the outcomes of 2011 for the company? What are the plans for 2012?  

Pavel Beklemishev: Last year was very successful and fruitful for us. Interesting contracts were signed with big domestic and foreign companies. Besides, an export contract for manufacturing and delivery of metal structures designed for a traffic bridge in Turkmenistan was signed.

A contract for manufacturing of 50 units of technological units designed for reconstruction of the Atyrau oil refinery was signed with Sinopec Engineering late in 2011.

A machine building holding was created last year on the base of the three machine holding plants: JSC JV Byelkamit (Almaty city), Atyrauneftemash LLP (Atyrau) and First Montana Technology (Gbely city, Slovakia) which is called SGT Group. In future it is planned to build other machine building plants which will enable to considerably increase supply capacity of big equipment and its further maintenance both to Kazakh enterprises and our neighbors.

We plan to enhance a number of activity lines in 2012. It includes qualification growth of human resources, stimulation of innovations and assistance to technological modernization. About 500 employees currently work for Byelkamit. We keep purchasing new equipment for expanding company’s activity in different areas and increasing the volume of supplies.



FCJ: What service does your company provide?

Pavel Beklemishev: JSC JV Byelkamit specializes in production of complex, unique and small scale equipment for oil-gas producing and refining companies as well as for nuclear, energy, metallurgical, construction industries and infrastructure projects:

– capacitive equipment, including vessels working under pressure, tanks for oil and oil products storage;

–metal structures for road and railway steel bridges;

– heat exchanging equipment, including shell-and-tube and  air-cooled heat exchangers.


FCJ: In which countries of the region do You provide services?  

Pavel Beklemishev: 13 units of equipment designed for the two compressor stations Bahtiyarlik and Dovletabad were supplied in 2009 by the order of state concern Turkmengaz. Last year we manufactured and supplied steel structures for the traffic bridge in Turkmenistan.


FCJ: How do You carry out market survey for studying marked demands?

Pavel Beklemishev: Byelkamit takes part in many oil-gas exhibitions and conferences. During exhibitions we conduct a poll for determining the demand for our products at the market. Participation in conferences enables us to learn more about future projects and market changes.

Marketing department maintains tight relations with customers by emails as well as by constant updating of news at the website.


FCJ: Which certificates and awards has the company gained over the years of its operation?

Pavel Beklemishev: Products and the quality system of Byelkamit were given several state awards. They include awards for “Contribution to the development of industrial potential (2001)”, “High quality of products and production organization (2002)”, “High quality of products (2003)”, “The best 2nd degree production goods of the Republican competition-exhibition Altin Sapa (2006)”, “The best 1st degree production goods of the Republican competition-exhibition Altin Sapa (2008)”.



FCJ: How many employees work for your company? Which principles are taken into account while recruiting employees? How do you evaluate professionalism of Kazakh specialists?

Pavel Beklemishev: Byelkamit currently employs about 500 people and they all are the citizens of Kazakhstan. We work with leading Kazakh educational institutions which send students to our enterprise for practice and training.

The main principle during the recruitment is a wish to work and ambition for growth.

We are proud that Kazakh producers of equipment work in accordance with international standards and are ready to compete with foreign companies.


FCJ: Where were You born and studied?

Pavel Beklemishev: I was born in Almaty in 1979 and graduated from the Moscow aviation in statute and majored in engineer-mechanic. After graduation I returned to Almaty and started working at the enterprises which later turned into a Hydromash plant. I studied at Leningrad financial-economic institute in 1987.


FCJ: What could You tell about your carrier growth?

Pavel Beklemishev: I began working as an engineer for a branch of НИИПГМ in 1979.  Since 1982 I used to be a head of the workshop, head of the project department, senior economist and deputy director of the Hydromash plant. I was appointed a director of this enterprise in 1992 and became a general director after its transformation into a joint stock company. I was a president after transformation of Hydromash plant into JSC JV Byelkamit from 1995 and have been a general director of JV from 2003.



FCJ: Do You have time to spend with your family? How many children do you have?

Pavel Beklemishev: I have three children, two sons and a daughter. I already have a grandson. I have very little time for spending with my family. I wish I had more free time to spend with them.



FCJ: Which music do You like?

Pavel Beklemishev: I like listening to nice music, including modern and classical. I am very fond of opera.  


FCJ: Where do You like to rest? In which countries did you rest, and where did  you like it most?

Pavel Beklemishev: I have already been to over 50 countries including 15 countries of the former Soviet Union. I like having rest in many countries. I have been to Italy many times. Sri-Lanka is also a very interesting country for getting rest.


FCJ: Which cuisine do You like and what are your favorite dishes?

Pavel Beklemishev: I like Kazakh cuisine very much. My favorite dish is meat cooked in different types. I also like fish and Italian cuisine.   


FCJ: How do You spend your free time?

Pavel Beklemishev: I have free time very seldom. I try to go to mountains (Almaty) once a week in winter, in summer I spend week-ends at summer house. It is nice to spend free time by communicating with friends and family members.

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