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Tuesday, 07 January 2014 10:47

2011 was successful for the company - Azer Isayev

2011 was successful for the company - Azer Isayev

First Class Journal (FCJ): Mr Isayev, the company has been existing in the market of Azerbaijan for years. Who is the founder of the company? How is the capital shared in the company? 


Azer Isayev, Executive Director, Caspian Pipe Coatings: “Caspian Pipe Coatings” (CPC) company - the successor of EUPEC Pipe Coatings Azerbaijan LLC – was established in 2002. It is the unique enterprise in the Caspian region. 

CPC enters its 10th anniversary in 2012. The company has isolated over 2300 km of pipes of different diameter and assignments during that period. In 2007 “EUPEC Pipe Coatings Azerbaijan” was changed into “Caspian Pipe Coatings” LLC and became a 100% local company. The main founder of the company is SOCAR. 


 FCJ: What services does your company render?

Azer Isayev: Our company offers a full spectrum of services in the sphere of isolation over ground and offshore pipes in the diameter of from 10 to 48 inches for oil and gas industry. Thanks to existing technical capacities of CPC, as well as high quality personnel, the company can render the following services:

  • Monomolecular isolation
  • Three-ply polyethylene/polypropylene
  • Epoxy coating and coating for corrosion protection
  • Coating pulverized on to gas pipes to decrease pipe wall roughness
  • Concrete coating
  • Anodes installation

Technical base, extensive territory of CPC allow rendering logistic services:

  • Motor highway transportation;
  • Marine freight;
  • Railway transportation;
  • Office rent;
  • Rent of lifting, loading-unloading mechanisms for trucks, wagons and vessels;
  • Storage in covered storehouses and are;
  • Inventory services;
  • Pipes registration services;
  • Provision of personnel.


 FCJ: What projects has your factory produced isolation pipes for?

Azer Isayev: To date CPC company has participated successfully in 14 regional projects.

Since 2003 CPC had been carrying out works on isolating and concreting of pipes of different diameter within the projects realized on “Azeri-Chyrag-Guneshli” and “Shah Deniz” fields. CPC also carried out concrete isolation and corrosion protection coating of inner and outer surfaces of pipes within the “Ground waters” project to be further used in “Azeri-Chyrag-Guneshli” project. Besides the company carried out works on concrete isolation of submarine section of “Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan” pipeline, the main pipeline in the region on export of oil.

Since 2006 the company had been carrying out concreting of pipes joining “Guneshli-Oil Rocks”, “Oil Rocks-Bahar”, “Bahar-Hovsan” and “Khare-Zira-NYM1” fields by the order of SOCAR. In 2009 CPC repaired and isolated pipes within “KAshagan” project by the order of “EUPEC France” company. At the moment the company is carrying out anti-corrosion isolation (of the pipes with the diameter of 14”-42”) and concrete covering of pipes of “Chyrag” oil project.

CPC also carried out works on cleaning internal surfaces of pipes, isolation applying epoxy coating, applying internal epoxy coating and three-layer polyethylene/polypropylene, concrete isolation, as well as supporting “EUPEC France” company -  our strategic partner, carrying out of works in angle pipe and vertical pipes.


 FCJ: Did the financial crisis in the world affect your activity?

 Azer Isayev: During the world crisis the company took part in realization of small SOCAR projects. CPC was not affected by the crisis thanks to SOCAR.


 FCJ: What countries do you render services in? Do you carry out marketing research on possible extension of your activity?

Azer Isayev: “Caspian Pipe Coatings” is located in the industrial zone of Baku. Geographical location of the company establishes good conditions to render services on isolation of pipes in the territory of Azerbaijan and abroad. CPC also repaired and isolated pipes by the order of “EUPEC France” in 2009. At that we rendered a full specter of services including organization of loading and transportation of pipes from Aqtau port of Kazakhstan to Baku, CPC territory; repair-isolation and further dispatch to destination. The project proved CPC is fully capable to render services for any project realized in the are of the Caspian sea. We had a group for conducting marketing researches. However we try to take part in and represent CPC in the exhibitions and conferences held in he region.


 FCJ: How have requirements to the quality of isolation pipes changed during the period of your activity?

 Azer Isayev: Quality control has always been the most important criteria in work of CPC. Our quality system engages three departments. Each level of production is controlled constantly. all isolated pipes undergo special functional testing by special program 24 hours before dispatching. The final product is checked by our quality control specialists to meet modern international isolation standards. 


 FCJ: What degree of attention is paid to labour safety?

 Azer Isayev: Our factory is built based on the latest projects. Technical safety rules and environmental requirements are followed strictly in our factory. ОЗБТОС system is directed to preventing any types of risks for the employees and the environment. Personnel safety is provided daily in the factory and production areas in high level.ОЗБТОС department conducts trainings for CPC employees constantly. “No harm to people, property and the environment!” is the motto of ОЗБТОС of СРС.


 FCJ: Are there plans in perspective to extend powers of the factory to develop own business not only in Azerbaijan but in the Caspian basin?

Azer Isayev: We plan to launch new lines in 2013-2014. Equipment powers of CPC allow us conducting anti-corrosion isolation of 130 pipes and concreting of 100 pipes per shift. Thanks to the above mentioned powers and CPC management system we can manage uninterrupted production.  


FCJ: What certificates and awards has the company received for its activity?

Azer Isayev: CPC has received a lot of awards and certificates for its activity. Among them is the award of the staff for successful completion of “Azeri-Chirag-Gunehli” and “Shah-Deniz” projects. In 2007 CPC was awarded for high rates in health protection, safety techniques and environment protection followed during realization of “Stratal waters”. CPC has also passed attestation, conducted by “Moody International” and according to the results the company was awarded ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 international standards. Besides CPC was awarded the nominations of “Year’s company on pipeline service in the spheres of oil and gas” as well as “Year’s company in coating of overground and submarine pipes for different purposes and logistical services” in 2012.


 FCJ: How many people do work in you company? How were they employed? And how do you evaluate professionalism of Azeri experts?

Azer Isayev:

Currently over 220 specialists work in CPC. He main purpose of the personnel policy of CPC is to establish favourable conditions for carrier growth and advanced training of local employees. Alongside with professional skills we highly evaluate the ability to solve problems and adopt decisions. We constantly organize special trainings for our specialists. For example, recently CPC organized training of International Corrosion Institute ICORR for quality control experts. Those who completed the training successfully received the second degree in pipe isolation on ICORR course of International Corrosion Institute. As I have mentioned 220 people work in CPC today and most of them have been working with us since 2002. Taking into consideration that the most of the CPC engineers were foreign specialists in 2002-2005, we might say, that we have managed to preserve the majority of our previous personnel today. Currently only 6 foreign specialists work in CPC as consultants. Thus CPC mainly focuses on training of local experts.    

 FCJ: Where were you born and gor your education?

Azer Isayev: I was born in Baku, got education at secondary school #7 of Sabayel region. My children go to school there now. In 1987 I graduated from “Institute of oil and gas” named after Gubkin in Moscow.


 FCJ: How did your carrier growth develop?

Azer Isayev: During 14 years I have been working in different ministries of economic block of the government. I was appointed CPC deputy director in 2007. I have been working in the position of executive director in last three years.


FCJ: Do you have enough time to share with your children?

Azer Isayev: Unfortunately no, but I love to spend my time with children very much.


 FCJ: What music do you like?

Azer Isayev: I like to listen to different music depending on my mood.


 FCJ: Where do you prefer to have a rest? What foreign countries have you visited? Which country do you like the best?

Azer Isayev: I love to have vacation in Azerbaijan. I spent vacation in Turkey once.


 FCJ: What foreign cuisine is closer to you? What are your favourite dishes?

Azer Isayev: I love only Azeri cuisine.


 FCJ: What do you prefer to do during leisure?

Azer Isayev: To meet with school mates and to read Russian literature.


 FCJ: What about hunting or fishing?

Azer Isayev: Those are waste of time. I don’t understand how one can simply sit and fish. However I like to eat fish.


 FCJ: What moment of life is the most curious for you?

Azer Isayev: Last year I visited Moscow to take part in the conference. That overlapped with meeting with my course mates. We sat in one of Baku restaurants. While having dinner I learnt that greens, that we were served, was especially brought from Ganja every day by plain. So in Moscow I was treated with fresh greens brought from Ganja.

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