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Monday, 30 December 2013 12:28

Favorable investment climate has been provided in Azerbaijan for entrepreneurial activity – Mustafa Tayat

Favorable investment climate has been provided in Azerbaijan for entrepreneurial activity – Mustafa Tayat

First Class Journal (FCJ): Mr. Tayat, how long have the shops been opened in the Azerbaijani market and who is a shareholder of the company?


Mustafa Tayat, President of Mustafa Tayat clothing shops:  The Company started manufacturing export-oriented textile industry goods in 1993. Mustafa Tayat brand was created in 2002. The first shops were opened both in Turkey and abroad in the same year. In Azerbaijan we started our business in 2008 after opening 3 shops.   


FCJ: How do you assess the results of company activity in 2011?

Mustafa Tayat: We increased the number of our shops from three up to 16 within 3 years. I would like to note that our shops have been opened not only in Baku but also in the regions: Ganja, Sumgayit, Shamkir, Barda, Yevlakh. Our main goal is to sell quality clothes under favorable prices in order to attract clients. For this reason, we enlarge our assortment of goods. Compared to 2010, the volume of sales grew by 50% in 2011. As I have mentioned, the volume of sales grew by 50% in 2011. It is certainly connected with the opening of new shops in Azerbaijan.


FCJ: What are the plans on perspective development of the company?

Mustafa Tayat: Together with our partner we currently work on opening of the shop in Kiev. The accommodation is currently under renovation. The shop will begin operating under the brand of Mustafa Tayat in Kiev by autumn of this year.


FCJ: How do you conduct market survey when presenting new products?

Mustafa Tayat: Market surveys were conducted in Turkey. We have shops in Germany and Kazakhstan and later we decided to start business in Azerbaijan.  


FCJ: To what extent do you find competition in your business sphere tough?

Mustafa Tayat: After opening business in Azerbaijan we managed to gain leading positions in the local market owing to sale of quality clothes at favorable prices.  We actively work on promotion of our Mustafa Tayat brand by introducing new collections and expansion of products assortment. In the meantime, we let our clients know that they are still important for us before and after the purchase of our clothes.  


FCJ: To what extent do you find investment climate in the country to be attractive?

Mustafa Tayat: Quite an active development is observed in Azerbaijan. Living standards are developing noticeably. Favorable investment climate has been provided in Azerbaijan for entrepreneurial activity. With this possibility in mind we plan to commence production of clothes in the country.


FCJ: Do you think there is a need for an institute lobbying entrepreneurs’ interests in Azerbaijan?

Mustafa Tayat: Entrepreneurs shall certainly have such organizations. There are different entrepreneurial organizations in Turkey. These organizations unite entrepreneurs in accordance with their activity lines and inform different government structures about problems they face. In the meantime, they make their proposals as well. Among them noteworthy are ATIB, TUSIAB and others.  


FCJ: Are there public unions of entrepreneurs that you belong to?

Mustafa Tayat: None.


FCJ: A list of wealthy men is made in many countries. How do you assess your financial condition?

Mustafa Tayat: thanks God, I am satisfied with my financial condition. I attach bigger importance to development and creation of new working places.


FCJ: What do you think of patronage of arts? Do you think companies should be engaged more actively in this issue or the problem of the poor should be solved by the state?

Mustafa TayatI think that businessmen should do their business at the expense of expansion of their activity and creation of new working places.There is no need to help certain people for a long period, it is better to create a working place and provide them an opportunity to earn at their own labor. In this case a man will not feel himself pinched.


FCJ: What is the most valuable thing for you?

Mustafa TayatWorthy life is the most valuable thing for me.


FCJ: How many hours a day do you work?

Mustafa TayatI work for 14 hours a day.


FCJ: What do you dislike in your character?

Mustafa TayatTo sit idly and walk aimlessly around.


FCJ: What feature do you value in men and women?  

Mustafa TayatA man should always stick to his word and be accurate, the same thing I would say about woman, besides, they always should look beautiful.


FCJ: Which cuisine do you like? What are your favorite dishes?

Mustafa TayatAzerbaijani and Turkish cuisines are very similar,therefore, I always feel just like home here.  Of course kebab is one my favorite dishes.



FCJ: How do you spend your leisure time?

Mustafa TayatSit with friends and walk along the seashore.


FCJ: How much time do you manage to spend with your family? How many children do you have and where do they get education?

Mustafa TayatOf course, entrepreneurs have little time to spend with their family. My eldest daughter majors in economy and gets ready for receiving Doctor’s degree in Italy. Two other daughters study at Turkish lyceum in Ganja.   

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