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Wednesday, 24 April 2019 12:30

We will be pleased to extend our presence in the Azerbaijan market, Rafis Muhametshin Featured

We will be pleased to extend our presence in the Azerbaijan market, Rafis Muhametshin

Caspian Energy (CE): Mr. Muhametshin, could you please tell about the activity of New Technologies JSC?

Rafis Muhametshin, General Director of New Technologies JSC: JSC New Technologies has been operating in the oil-gas services market since 2011. Our company is specializing in extending an operational lifetime, in enhancing safety of dangerous production facilities, and in offering a high-tech solutions-based service for handling complex engineering tasks during construction, reconstruction and repair of cross-country pipelines and oil-gas production facilities. Our company is offering customers the most modern technologies and solutions, and has 3 patented technologies in its portfolio, which are in broad demand and widely used in production of services. Our main customers are large companies and their subsidiaries, among which there are PJSC Gazprom, JSC Transneft NC, PJSC Rosneft, Inter RAO, NOVATEK and PJSC Lukoil.

CE: Which technologies are in demand among customers of the oil-gas sector?

Rafis MuhametshinOur Company is offering modern solutions and high service in areas facing pressing problems requiring use of high technologies. We offer solutions precisely for such cases. We study the situation in our market of technologies and offer solutions for complex engineering tasks. The most important thing for us is to solve a problem of a customer, providing high skilled and safe service.

CE: Given the price increase for oil, which projects will the Company implement in 2019-2020?

Rafis MuhametshinWe will continue providing services, demanded by our customers, both under the current production program which has already been set for the entire 2019, and supplementing this program with new facilities and types of services.

CE: How would you assess the potential of the Azerbaijan market?

Rafis MuhametshinWe have been operating in the Azerbaijan market since 2016, which is a big responsibility for us, and we will be pleased to extend our presence on this market. We can state proudly that we have implemented a project, the results of which were not even expected by our customer. We held a pilot testing which turned out very effective. Our forecasts exceeded even our expectations. We together with a customer are ready to further extend the project and develop a technology. We are ready to extend a scope of services in the Azerbaijan market, and have no doubts that we will reach mutually beneficial results.

CE: How would you assess the competitiveness of New Technologies JSC on the market?

Rafis Muhametshin:  The competition does and will exist, but we do not stand still. We look for several years ahead, can predict the market behavior, demand for products and the need for new technologies which we are already working on today – we are highly competitive!

CE: What is the key to success of your Company?

Rafis MuhametshinOur team of high-skilled workers has always been and will remain a key to success. Our team never surrenders when facing hard tasks. We can always offer a customer technologies and solutions which  are needed nowadays and, most importantly, will be beneficial and reliable in use.


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