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Monday, 15 April 2019 15:30

We set the task to increase the volume of production, President of Cahan Holding Featured

We set the task to increase the volume of production, President of Cahan Holding

Rapid development of our economy, introduction of advanced technologies and creation of conditions for their use in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, construction of modern production and processing enterprises, and the progress made in terms of improvement of living conditions of the population, all of this has been the result of successful policy implemented by the Holding.

Operating since 1995 and contributing into sustainable development by means of its projects, Cahan Holding is active in social-economic development of Azerbaijan.

Along with the commercial products, since its establishment Cahan Holding has been producing a wide assortment of industrial-purpose products. Incorporating 22 major and several subsidiary companies, at present Cahan Holding is an official representative of a number of well-known brands. At the same time, the Holding has gained significant success in the field of food and non-food goods, as well as in the field of service.

Caspian Energy (CE): What were the achievements made in 2018, and which new projects are being implemented in 2019?

Vugar Abbasov, President of CAHAN Holding: According to the economic policy aimed at diversification of the economy, the Holding has implemented several successful projects. The launch of the roofing materials and heating panels plant producing new plastic materials, creation of new production lines of “Cahan Tabak” LLC and tobacco production are among those successful projects. Our state provides strong support to entrepreneurs.

Inspired by this support, we have managed to create a new production zone this year as well. The enterprise, which had a production capacity of 1,500 tonnes per month in 2018, is producing 7 kinds and 160 grades of products, including different profiles for doors and windows, polypropylene-based composite and normal pipes meant for drinking water, as well as polyethylene-based rigid irrigation pipes, PVC-based lambrin, siding and accessories, PVC-based soft rubber hoses, PVC-based sewage pipes and polypropylene-based pipe fittings of different size.

The enterprise for production of panel and roofing coverings, created by the Holding in the previous years, made it possible to reduce the dependence on import, sustain the domestic market and meet the demand at the expense of local production. We set the task to increase the volume of production in our facilities in order to export these products to foreign countries.

Cahan Holding has broad experience in construction operations running in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and beyond it. The Holding implemented such projects as “Cahan” Trade Center, Youth City, Entertainments Island, Park Café, Shooting field, a new suspension bridge over the Nakhchivan River and other similar projects differing in architectural styles.

Creation of various kinds of production zones in our Holding is of big importance in terms of opening of new working places. At present, there are 2,152 employees working for the Holding. They are provided with normal conditions, food and special uniform.

CE: What are the plans of the Company in regard to the European and Asian markets?

Vugar Abbasov: The Holding is represented in the foreign markets through its branch offices opened in Turkey, Russia, Switzerland, UAE and People’s Republic of China. Foreign markets are being studied through these offices, which enables preparation of import and export plans.

In addition to meeting of local demand, the Holding’s products are exported as well. Our products are being exported mainly to the CIS. In future we will be able to reach new markets, increasing the number of our export-oriented products.

Along with this, the Holding opened sales centers in Baku, as well as in Ganja, Masally, Guba and Goranboy.

CE: Which macroeconomic factors have positive and negative impact on the work of the Holding?

Vugar Abbasov: There are also lots of models of macroeconomic cooperation and influencing many economic factors (income, production, consumption, unemployment, inflation, savings, investments, international trade and international finance).

When needed, Cahan Holding routinely uses necessary models in order to keep its business away from impact of these factors. The major goal here is attaching special importance to opening of new working places and creation of a balance between production and consumption.

CE: How do you see the role of Cahan Holding in the economy?

Vugar Abbasov: Cahan Holding’s role in the economy is growing rapidly. Thus, preferring a national raw material, the Holding opens new production facilities in order to get rid of import dependence, and promotes implementation of the public employment program.




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