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Friday, 08 September 2017 09:30

Keep it up: Irina Khakamada will deliver a master class in Baku for the first time

The master class "Drive, joy and a career" by Irina Khakamada, the famous Russian writer, publicist and business coach will be held on 16th September at Landmark Hotel (Rotunda Hall) at 13:00 for the first time.

"Drive, joy and a career" is Irina Khakamada's exclusive master class for women, which goal is to make the life of the participants more successful, harmonious and happy. In frames of the event, Irina Khakamada will talk about becoming the "number one" in any kind of business, being effective, while remaining free and happy, and will also reveal the secrets of personal success.

"I am glad to deliver my master class in Baku, where I will share my experience and knowledge. I will help to women to combine everything - the drive from life, the joy from self-realization and career, they will learn how to be successful and happy in private life, beautiful and healthy at any age", Irina Khakamada noted.

Irina Khakamada's master classes are made for inspiration, energy and motivation for women.

Within masterclass there will be sessions on themes such as "A woman of a great style. How to always be in shape", "How to start a new life at any age", "Woman and career. Women's and Men's Leadership", "Women's Myths and Reality", etc.

ATTENTION! The master class is only for women, men will not be admitted. The cost of participation is 120 AZN. You can buy tickets at the central ticket offices or online

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