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Friday, 03 April 2015 12:40

Online electricity sales to be 'de-facto' in UK

Piclo gives renewable energy consumers, generators direct access to each other, according to project partner Open Utility, Caspian Energy News ( reports with reference to Anadolu Agency.

Piclo, the U.K.'s first online renewable energy marketplace to launch in 2016, is the first step towards innovative electricity purchases and sales of the future, according to project partner Open Utility's co-founder and CEO.

Piclo will give renewable energy consumers and generators an opportunity to have direct access to each other. Following a pilot phase which will start in August 2015 for six months, the service will then launch early in 2016, according to Open Utility's webpage.

Piclo's importance within the U.K.'s electricity market was explained by James Johnston to The Anadolu Agency via e-mail; "peer-to-peer trading will become the de-facto way electricity is bought and sold in the future."

The U.K. has a target to increase the country's renewable energy share to 20 percent by 2020, although it is among the countries which have the least share of renewables in its total consumption within the EU, according to recent EuroStat data.


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